Tuesday, May 16, 2017

An Index To Kiko's House Posts on The Russia Scandal

The Russia scandal is the most explosive since Soviet spies stole atomic bomb secrets over 70 years ago.  The latest generation of those spies engaged in sabotaging a foundation stone of American democracy -- a presidential election -- and succeeded, in part, because of the extensive interactions of Trump's inner circle with those spies and Vladimir Putin's success in playing the future president for a fool.   
(5/12/17) Is It The End of The Beginning Of Trump's Presidency Or The Beginning Of The End? 
(5/9/17) Face It, The Donald Is Unable To Face Anything Beyond His Alternate Reality 
(5/1/17) The Russia Scandal Goes Underground As Trump's Denials Grow More Hollow 
(4/12/17) Meet Carter Page, The First Smoking Gun In Trump's Russia Scandal 
(4/10/17) James Comey Helped Elect Trump, But Could He Now Be His Greatest Foe? 
(4/7/17) Is Donald Trump's Son-In-Law Stupid, Greedy Or Both? 
(4/4/17) Trump Used The Prince Of Darkness To Enhance Putin Ties 
(4/2/17) Sussing Out Michael Flynn's Blav-For-Immunity Bombshell 
(3/31/17) It's Always Been All About The Money -- Just Like Trump 
(3/30/17) Senators Vow Major Probe As Trump Lies, Bobs & Weaves 
(3/28/17) The Epidemic Of Scandal Deaths, Disappearances & A Falling Bathtub 
(3/24/17) The Earth Moves, But Much Of The Media Barely Notices 
(3/23/17) Where We've Been, Where We Are & Where We're Going 
(3/6/17) How The President Called Trump Can Be Brought Down Hard 
(3/2/17) Trump's Support For Putin's Quest For A New Cold War 
(2/27/17) Meet Felix Sater, The Best Friend That Trump Claims He Never Had 
(2/15/17) A Window Into A Traitor's Deep Corruption 
(1/9/17) America's Intelligence Agencies Suck & Trump Has Just Made Matter Worse 

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